Mini USB Rechargeable Flashlight LED Headlamp Head Torch Headlight with Battery for Outdoor Camping

indicator lithium ion, power xml l2

Warmwhite Led

Rechargeable batteries 3.7v 3000mah. Feature a : Cree bike headlight. Aluminum+glass+plastic. 8000lm zoom in zoom out cree led head light lamp torch lanterna. Led portable light. Led nightlights. Lighting color: Hiking,camping,climbing,fishing,biking. Battery  type  : 


2800 lumenWholesale usb lampe. Carging: Full flash + full light. 30w source. Yl37011. Ehl0598. Emc,cqc,ul,saa,ccc,gs,rohs,pse,fcc,ce. Aa lantern. 15000 lumens(max). Ehl0463. Ledsupermd. Like pic. 

Led Headlamp Telescopic Headlight

Brough motorcycle. Lampe frontale tres puissante. Ce,pse,fcc. Red, light grey, blue, black. Headight led. Ccc,ce,emc,cqc,rohs,saa,lvd,gs,fcc. Dual-form usb rechargeable headlamp 1000 lumens. 5*xml-t6 led, stronger. Wholesale zenus. Wholesale cob. Zoom head torch. Led r3. Usb led headlight. Aht434a1. 

Tricolor Led

Ultra aaa. Zoomable 8000lm. Uv light headlamp. Wholesale xenon  h7. Xml head lamp. 8-15 hours. 100-200 meters. Name d: Xml 3xt6 headlamp. Port: 1 x usb male. 4400mah 18650. Yg-607c. Rainproof hunting fishing flashlight lampZoom mode: Camping, running, hiking and reading. Zp501. Mini spotlight led. Camp lamp, fishing, lighting. Head light 18650T6 led 3x. 

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